Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Run the Wild Rover Series!

It's not often easy to get outside to exercise in the winter unless you have something or someone dragging you outside to do it (or the occasional flukey nice day, but I'm not counting on that). The Wild Rover Series is a set of three Merrimack Valley road races on three consecutive weeks in February and March that seem like they'll be fun enough to brave the cold (with nice destinations to head to once the races are over!):
  1. The Frozen Shamrock 3-Mile Run (February 22nd), sponsored by J.P. McBride's Irish Pub in Haverhill, MA
  2. The Claddagh Pub 4-Miler (March 1), sponsored by the Claddagh Pub in Lawrence, MA
  3. The Hynes Tavern 5-Miler (March 8), sponsored by the Hynes Tavern in Lowell, MA
Not that a series of road races sponsored by local Irish pubs just before St. Patty's Day isn't fun in and of itself, but if that isn't enough to motivate you, check out the bling! This is the first year that all three finishing medals for the races fit together to form a Claddagh. Very cool idea, and if you're into the race bling (like I am), it's reason enough to sign up.

You can sign up for the series through active.com (registration is $60 for the series, $25 individually, or $30 individually on race day). If you'd like to sign up and hang out with some of the PTP folks who are also running, just let me know!

As I hear about more events, I'll post them here... if you have any you'd like to share, please let me know and I'll spread the word!

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